Beer O'clock

When I first moved to the Valley, I hit up my DFW Beer group and asked where should I go for great beers in the Valley? Well, the first place they recommended has become one of my favorites in the Valley...King's Beer & Wine, and though the ownership has changed since I moved here, the new team is amazing, Mark and his wife own the spot, and Alec is always in house to give you great recs! Here are my top beer shops/breweries! I even got my cousin onto craft beers with the great selection in the Valley!

  1. King's Beer and Wine - Mark and Alec are the best!
  2. Wren House - Spellbinder is award winning hazy, all of their stuff is amazing!
  3. Wandering Tortoise - great beer selection
  4. OSHO (and hit Lil'Os for fresh donuts!) - love their Tales from the Crypt series!!
  5. Lovecraft - craft beer and good food
  6. Craft Beer Quikstop (Indian couple Deep and Meeta owned, Meeta knows her beers!)
  7. 1227 Tap Room - cool spot in North Central, owner Aaron always has great beers on tap, trivia nights and live music
  8. Roses by the Stairs - just visited this place recently for a trivia night, great Hazies, looking forward to trying more!