Sandwich Special

I love a good sandwich!! It starts with awesome bread, creative toppings, veggie options, and great fixins (Texan for condiments)! These are my favs in the Valley so far.....

Duck and Decanter - probably my favorite sandwich shop in the city, creative delicious sandwiches, great bread, small shop attached has cool teas and coffees and wine shop attached too.

Noble Eatery - This bakery is known around the Valley, many restaurants carrying "Noble" bread items on their menu, but what I didn't know is the location on 24th is a great sandwich shop!

Breadcrafters - great bread and sandwiches, soups really good too, close to Costco Paradise Valley (yes, I have a problem), also their pies (blueberry peach and bourbon chocolate pecan) are amazing!!

Pane Bianco - Chris Bianco's sandwich shop, massive awesome sandwiches, daily special, finally made it for the eggplant parmesan sandwich on Weds and it was great!

Zookz - local chain making cool pocket sandwiches, breakfast and lunch options all day, everything is stuffed inside and delicious.

Ike's Love and Sandwiches - Multiple locations but found this one day rolling around Tempe. Crazy sandwich list and a ton of vegetarian options!

Stumpy's Pizza and Subs - the subs are awesome, the Italian is my favorite, comes out hot and amazing (yes same Stumpy's that also has some of the best pizza in the Valley!)

Schlotzsky's - hard to spell and hard to say, but had to include this Texas original with multiple locations around the Valley. Great bread, lots of options, veggie options, sandwiches are warm.

Capriotti's - old town Scottsdale, the sign says world's best sandwich winner, that is hyperbole, its good overall, and cool selection. The one that supposedly won that moniker was the Thanksgiving Day sandwich which is exactly that on bread.

Cafe Zupas - nice chain of shops, sandwiches are good, fresh creative options, the half dipped chocolate chip cookie is awesome.

Cheese N Stuff - Old school deli on Central, solid sandwiches, fresh ingredients

I wish I could figure out how to let people leave comments! Would love to hear your favorites. I've been wanting to try Chompie's